Avalon Waterways Launches Newest Suite Ship

Posted April 10th, 2016

Last Tuesday marked the official launch of Avalon Waterways' newest river cruise ship, Avalon Imagery II.

The ceremony was held on the Rhine in Engers, Germany, with award-winning journalist and prime-time broadcaster Judy Bailey becoming the first New Zealander to christen an Avalon vessel, which she followed with a blessing in Maori.

People celebrating the launch of Avalon Imagery II

“May your journey be safe from launch to landing,” Judy said, translating the Maori. “I bless you with the breath of life.”

Avalon Imagery II is another in a range of Avalon's Suite Ships, which offer 30 per cent more cabin space inside each suite than the industry standard.

Choose one of these premium suites and you'll be able to enjoy full-width panoramic windows that once opened, turn the cabin into an open-air balcony.

Avalon Imagery II on the Rhine in Germany

A maximum of 128 passengers will be able to travel at one time on the 110-metre ship as it cruises along the Rhine stopping off in iconic cities such as Amsterdam and Basel.

Avalon Waterways' fleet will again be bolstered by the launch of Avalon Passion this week. These two new Suite Ships make a total of 12 for the company, which is renowned for possession some of the newest vessels in the world.

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