5 Common Cruise Myths – Busted

Posted June 3rd, 2013

More and more Australians are embarking on cruise holidays every year, however some trepidation still exists amongst cruise virgins as to whether or not a holiday on the high seas is right for them. For some, the word ‘cruise’ conjures up an outdated image of retirees playing shuffleboard and taking in cheesy broad-way style dinner shows. The truth is cruises have evolved into state of the art floating destinations in themselves, offering a seemingly endless amount of entertainment options for every kind of traveller. It’s time to bust 5 of the most common cruise ship myths:

The Kids will be Bored

Most major cruise ships have extensive entertainment programs for kids of all ages. Massive water parks, ice-skating rinks, mini-golf, rock-climbing walls, 10-pin bowling alleys and video arcades are common place on today’s larger cruise liners. Your children will be kept entertained for the entire trip, leaving plenty of kid-free time for you to relax poolside with a cocktail and a good book.

Kids will love a Royal Caribbean Cruise!

I will get Seasick

Modern cruise liners are largely unaffected by the motion of the ocean thanks to their enormous size and on board stabilizers. If you are highly susceptible to motion-sickness, you needn’t rule out a cruise holiday either – booking a mid-ship cabin with a window or balcony will lessen the already minimal amount of movement you may be able to notice. If you’re still concerned, there’s a variety of natural and over the counter remedies you can take to minimise any discomfort.

Cruises are Expensive

The truth is that cruises are a great value for money travel option. Whilst some may baulk at the upfront cost of their trip, it pays to remember that this price includes all of your accommodation, transport (at sea), meals and most activities. If you compare this number to the cost of a typical land based holiday you’ll find that cruises are in some cases actually a cheaper (and more relaxing) alternative.

Food, entertainment & accommodation are all included!

Everything is Included in the Price

Whilst the majority of your expenses at sea are covered in your initial fare price, there are some additional costs that you should budget for when planning your trip. These extra costs vary depending on which company you cruise with however, speciality restaurants, spa treatments, alcohol and shore excursions generally require you to pay a little extra.

Cruises are Dangerous

Despite the rare occurrences you may have seen in the news, cruise ships are an extremely safe method of transport that over 20 million people enjoy annually. The odds of falling victim to a serious cruising accident is less than you can expect flying and significantly less than that of driving a car. Rowdy on board behaviour is not tolerated, with strict responsible service of alcohol policies in place and those who don’t comply can be asked to leave the ship at the next port.

There are many more ill-informed cruising myths out there that could be addressed here, however the best way for you to find out just how great a cruising holiday can be is to go ahead and try one out for yourself – you won’t regret it! Call one of our Cruise Specialists on 1300 954 661 today!

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